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As many random things as I’ve done in the Magic: the Gathering community, the thing about which I can talk your ears off most is how Magic’s color pie and flavor translates into music playlists. Since you’ll need your ears to listen to the music, instead of talking them off I’ll type your eyes off. (Be sure to read everything on this site before then, I guess.)

I’ve honed my guild playlists since 2009 and my other playlists since a year or two after that, so there’s loads of thought into how everything comes together.  Whether you like all the theorycrafting I get into, whether you want some song reviews that lead you to new music, or whether you want to listen to one of the 26 hour-long playlists on here, there’s something for you as long as you like Magic and music.

I don’t intend to blog often, but I’ll make some posts (see “Recent Posts” on the side) before prereleases on where to start soundtracks appropriate to the world Magic is about to visit, and I’ll answer questions you send me if I can do a decent job with them.  I’ll also update the mixes whenever I improve them (and this is a constant effort).  So enjoy, and let me know what you think!